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Going Virtual

Why should a brand go virtual?

We understand the hesitation, but in a nutshell, going virtual will save your brand time, costs and ultimately achieve true sustainability. You’ll also be on the forefront of technology, so there’s also that.

What makes VOOR different when selecting a virtual solution for your brand?

Our solution believes in being synchronous, agile and truly sustainable, in order to be those 3 things, we’ve created a product that replaces certain processes in the current linear model instead of adding an additional step to the production line. We do not limit creativity nor designs and encourage freedom of expression through the world of virtuality.

What to expect when partnering with VOOR?

We pride ourselves in our customer service and communicate with our clients on a necessary basis. We not only virtualize your product but we are also here to help you express your brand to the nth degree. We understand the struggles and importance of educating the industry on virtual technologies so we will walk through all the processes with you to ensure that you not only have a smooth transition but truly believe in the future of 3D.

How does going virtual bring an impact to the merchandising process?

By virtualizing your product and accessing them in real-time through our solution, your brand will save sample costs & wastage, travel expenses, time to market and allow ease of communication.

What about the touch and feel?

We always like to express to our potential clients that we are not eliminating all forms of sampling, we are here to reduce the amount of initial samples. In addition, the feeling of fabric is the same whether it be swatch, roll, or sample, so there's really no need to produce a piece for feeling purposes only.

What about fit?

Our solution is focused on visualization purposes at the moment. Although technology has gone very far, we understand that some things humans do better. We highly advise producing a fit sample and/or pp sample of confirmed designs in order to ensure fit accuracy and to ensure your factories & mills are producing the products correctly.

Is it really accurate?

Yes! Although we have created our own revolutionary technology, we still use renowned 3D & gaming technology that reflect real-life scenarios whether the sheen of satin to the cracks on bricks. We can do it all.

Which steps would a client save from the regular merchandising process?

As many know, designers and merchandisers work hand in hand ensuring that not only are the designers visions fulfilled but the company’s margins will be met. By utilizing our solutions, communication regarding product will start earlier, location limitations would be non-existent and overall purchase orders can be processed early on essentially ensuring on-time delivery.

The Process

What design materials should I submit?

Anything and everything you would send to your sourcer and/or manufacturer, you would give to us also! That may sound a bit overwhelming but, we will be right there with you ensuring a smooth transition. In addition, we’ve created a nifty checklist for you to follow so that we make sure we’re both on the same page!

How do I go about creating a custom showroom?

This is the fun part! The best thing about creating a virtual showroom is that your creation is up to your imagination. In virtual, there are no laws of physics, no right or wrong, it is whatever you would like the space to convey and emulate. Custom showrooms are optional but highly recommended so you can portray your vision from design to market. In addition, we’ve created a nifty checklist for you to follow so that we make sure we’re both on the same page!

How long does the whole process normally take from beginning to end?

Our solutions tackle pre-production stages after designs have been finalized and are ready to be traditionally sampled, discussed, and shown to merchandisers, but in our case, all virtual. Since we do not have a limit to a design’s creativity, it could typically take 2-3 weeks depending on the complexity and number of styles including the optional custom showroom (we highly recommend a custom showroom that is personalized and reusable).

Do we get to see the designs before they are uploaded into the showroom?

Of course! In addition to utilizing digital technology and our industry expertise, we want to make sure you are happy with the visual product prior to it entering the space. We provide separate drafts depending on whether it is the product process or the showroom process.

How do you ensure showroom privacy?

All showrooms are password protected and are not for the public.

How long are the showrooms accessible for?

Showrooms are accessible for 3 months (90 days) from being deployed onto our app. An extension can be granted at an additional cost.


Do you do partnerships?

Yes! We are open to all opportunities that will benefit the ongoing development of Voor! Please email us at to chat more!

We just want a consultation, how would we go about that?

Great! That is the first step to going virtual, being open! Please email us at and feel free to roam about our website and instagram to learn a bit more!

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