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The fashion industry has been operating under the same business model for many decades, resulting in huge accumulations of issues along the pipeline and major rifts in the environment. 

VOOR is here to help your company through your digital transformation from design all the way down to sales. Our Voorians will guide you every step of the way to ensure a smooth virtual transition.

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For marketing and promoting new collections and/or current styles in a custom showroom that represents your brand's story and origins. Continuing the story with a personalized walk-through video to display on social media platforms for the world to see. Some things to expect:



Custom Showroom

Custom Video

Brand Story 

For design and production teams to internally review early stage styles in true 3D while eliminating proto samples and determining final collection designs. 

Merchandisers then can facilitate buying decisions while eliminating travel and ensuring ease of decision making with synchronized communication. Some things to expect:



Color/Print Variations

Style Information

Preset Showroom

Synchronized Communication

Buying Information

For the ultimate digital transformation and a truly sustainable pipeline.

Say goodbye to the physical world. Say hello to the world of VOOR.

Some things to expect:



Essential & DNA Solution

VR Oculus

Preset or Custom Showroom

Design as usual and gather your pre-production materials.

Your Voorian will have a checklist of materials needed to virtualize your designs.

Pick from one of our preset showrooms (see below) or show us your vision and work with one of our Voorians to architect your own virtual world.

While we do the heavy work of virtualizing your designs into your virtual showroom, you can use this extra time to attend to other needs. *Happy Hour*

Now that the showroom is ready, review to see if there's any revision to be made. If not, then it's ready to be deployed. 

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